About Us

M/S PINK BROADBAND SERVICE Pvt Ltd, Unified Class “C” License Holders. Internet service provider in salem & Namakkal(Dt), we have more Than 15 Year Experience in this business with Excellent Technical & Support Team. We are the leading Fiber net & Wireless net provider in our area with more coverage of fiber optic cable And wireless POP’s. We provide our service for Homes, Offices and Corporate Sectors as well as School and Colleges. The Network as been implemented by Partnering with CISCO, JUNIPER, HUWEI, MiKROTIK and UBIQUITI etc…

Vision & Mission

Our mission is provide uninterrupted internet with low latency to all our clients as well as cost effective and friendly customer service. We used only ISO products for our infrastructure as well as for installation and delivery. Our vision is “WE DON’T CONVINCE OUR CLIENT BUT WE SATISFIED”. We believe that our next generation services will transform the way client’s lives, transacts, and communicates and we trust that we can make a significant contribution towards a powerful Broadband all over service area.

Vision & Mission

We strongly believe that success comes when all are working together as a single team. We M/S pink broadband service Pvt ltd has a dedicated technical & managing team. We trust in creating young leaders at all level of the hierarchy so it helps us to lead our clients.


We always strive to deliver what we promise to our clients, create an environment of continuous learning and improving to enhance the quality of work to give better customer experience.